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Total Toledo Appliance Repair was voted “#1 Appliance Repair Company in Toledo” according to local publications. Find out more about our company below:

Total Toledo Appliance Repair offers appliance repair service in Toledo. Our committed team members are skilled at fixing various types of household appliances and their various components. Our company believes in constant education as a foundation of our professional appliance repair services. After all, household appliances are getting to be smarter and smarter as the digital technology evolves. It’s very necessary for the team to be aware of these expanding horizons.

We believe getting an appliance fixed should be a simple process. With Total Toledo Appliance Repair it is easy. We are knowledgeable concerning all the various appliance brands to help get them running and keep them working right for many years following. Large appliances are extremely important in our lives, but often times we don’t realize it until they don’t work.

Based on Your Appliances

We firmly believe in fixing household appliances instead of replacing them. There are so many common things that can go wrong with a refrigerator, stove, dishwasher or washing machine right now. Especially in this time of digital controls. There are simple sensors installed to protect your home from fires. A lot of times it’s these sensors that can prevent your appliance from running. With our arsenal of dedicated tools, we can diagnose the issue and determine the culprit easily. We’ll then fix the issue and have your appliance up and running right away.

We Work on all Models & Types of Appliances

Total Toledo Appliance Repair works with all kinds of home appliances including:

Ice makers

And, we service just about all brands as well. However, there are a few appliances that are made that cannot be repaired. This is due to their factory assembly and the components are embedded deep into the plastic bases. Before scheduling, be sure to have your brand and model on-hand. This way we will be able to tell you if we won’t be able to fix the appliance. This doesn’t occur often, however, we value integrity and aren’t here to waste your time. If you’re on the hunt for an appliance repair company in Toledo you can depend on, give us a call. We offer a professional diagnosis and service you can afford.

Some of the brands we specialize in are:

And more …

If you own a broken appliance and need refrigerator, dryer or dishwasher repair and you aren’t sure who to call, BRAND is here! Our company has been in business for over a decade. We service almost any type of home appliance with ease. And, we will assist you too! Reach out to us and have your info available. Our experienced technicians are very knowledgeable of the models of appliances and many problems.

There’s no need to throw old appliances away when there is a possibility to repair them. Let us make your older home appliances new again. Often times this is much less expensive than going out and buying new home appliances. And, this is much more convenient than looking for new appliances. Just give us a call.



We have ample experience as an appliance repair service in Toledo. This quality of experience comes with time. Knowledge and familiarity of the models of appliances is very important. This level of experience will help us to get the service completed more quickly and more affordable. Years of experience in appliance repair lets us diagnose many issues very fast as we’ve seen these same problems in the past. Nothing is a substitute for hands-on experience and with 1000s of services under our belt, we can be confident in our company to fix all makes and models.

Continuous Training/Education

Having continued training and education helps us to increase our understanding and knowledge of the latest technology. This is really important as appliances continue to become “smarter” there are more sensors and various components that will break down. Understanding how the latest digital technology works allows us to diagnose issues and repair them much faster. This is important because the smart technology continues to evolve and basic appliances star to come with even more components. We believe in being the very best appliance repair service. That’s why we’re always continuing our education of modern appliances and repair applications.

Customer Recommended

Our professionals have been repairing appliances for a very long time. This hands-on experience is important as we work with several different models of appliances, makes and brands. Our customers love what we do for them and recommend our appliance repair services. We try to do all that we can to make clients happy and it shows. Having your appliances fixed quickly with ease and being affordable is our main goal. Several of our new clients are referrals from previous repair jobs. And, we have several local laundromats that hire our washing machine and dryer repair services countless times. Call us with 100% confidence. We offer references as well as you can see our customer reviews online. We have so many satisfied customers and hope to earn your business and trust as well! We are happy to answer any and all questions or concerns you have.


Total Toledo Appliance Repair is affordable. We aim to be the best appliance repair service. With our ongoing training and experience level, typically we know quickly what the issue likely is. This saves our customers time and money. Trying to troubleshoot the problem without the proper knowledge and experience will take too much time. Time saved is more money saved for our clients. We work diligently until your appliance is up and running again. It is our commitment to provide a great service that will not cost too much. We believe a great service doesn’t have to be overly priced. Our high-quality service helps our clients to save money.